Through the University Student Network, we are partnering with leading builders to educate and mobilize their initiatives. Our in house expertise in building institutional grade reference rates and employed best practices for oracle management frameworks will aid in setting a foundation for innovators to positively contribute to the DeFi and DIA ecosystems.

What is USN?

As a web3 innovator, we believe that it is both important and beneficial to work together with academic institutions to support educational efforts, drive research ambitions and foster talent growth.

This is why we are bringing together a network of university blockchain working groups and DeFi ecosystem actors in the USN. The USN provides students access to market knowledge, tech know-how, professional networks and hands-on career opportunities. 

✓ Market knowledge

✓ Tech know-how

✓ Professional networks

✓ Career opportunities

Who can participate?

We believe that creating frictionless access is the best way to grow and mature the DeFi ecosystem. This is why the USN is an open and free non-profit organisation for students, universities and DeFi projects. 

Benefits for students

✓ Access to professional networks

✓ Hands-on DeFi experience

✓ Career opportunities

Benefits for working groups

✓ Funding for research projects

✓ Access to comprehensive data feeds

Benefits for participating projects

✓ Access to talent pools

✓ Exposure among new target groups

What do they say?

“TIBA is very excited to join DIA University Student Network and looking forward to using DIA high quality data to create some fun dApps!”

Brian Seong, Tsinghua International Blockchain Association.

“Solving the oracle problem is needed for the entire blockchain space to move forward with more confidence in smart contracts – I’m excited to learn more about DIA and their solution.”

Wenyi Zhu, CMU Blockchain Group.

Learn more

To know more details about DIA Student University Network read the introductory post in the blog.


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